Reinhold A. Barlian founded BARLIAN TECHNIK, company for components and systems in the safety technology sector. BARLIAN TECHNIK developed into today’s BARTEC GmbH.

1976 – 2002

BARTEC expanded into the leading company in the safety technology sector in Europe with

6 production sites and more than
22 sales agencies worldwide.

The company developed from a manufacturer of safety components, into a supplier of safety systems and now is a partner offering comprehensive engineering and service in the European and international safety technology sector.


In the course of succession regulation and necessary growth financing, the BARTEC Group was subdivided into:

  • BARTEC GmbH (Group for Safety Technology) and
  • BMC GmbH (Group for Non-Safety Technology). 

New ownership structures develop: Allianz Capital Partners GmbH holds the majority of BARTEC together with the BMC GmbH and the management of BARTEC.

The Barlian family unites all its investments under the roof of the BMC GmbH.

2002 – today

Consistant expansion of the companies due to organic growth and acquisitions.

BARTEC acquires BENKE GmbH in Reinbek near Hamburg, for example, and thus strengthens its safety technology systems and services.

BMC boosts its food logistic activities by expanding its Polish production site in Koszalin. It expands the food segment with the process and tank construction in Olsztyn under the brand of
Schwarte Milfor.