The many years of experience in transport, stocking and distribution of foodstuffs and liquids. Container- and apparatus construction, vehicles and constructional systems - one stop solution.
The name Schwarte-Milfor has been synonymous with the high-quality production stainless steel containers and process engineering for the careful and hygienic storage and further processing of liquid products of the food industry, like milk and beer, as well as products of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries

Schwarte Milfor Sp.z o.o.

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More than 60 years the specialist in development and production of vehicles for raw milk collection and tank trailers and semi-trailers for the transport of milk and other liquid foodstuffs. Today the product range further includes vehicles for waste disposal and special vehicles for the transport of liquid fertilizers. Vehicles and superstructures all from just one supplier.

Schwarte Jansky GmbH

Taubenstraße 33-43
D - 48282 Emsdetten  
Postfach 1453
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What started as a niche solution in process automation for the food industry (mainly Austrian dairies) 20 years ago has become a most innovative achievement of liquids logistics and flexible vehicle fleet management for stationary and mobile data processing.

Schwarte Jansky GmbH, Österreich 
Neuhofenstraße 35
A-4810 Gmunden
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For more than 60 years elke TECHNIK has been developing and supplying innovative components as partner of OEMs and plant operators. Always one step ahead.


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